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Cargo insurance

Carrier liability insurance

We treat all freight with the possible largest care, however the transport of goods is always risky. Events that cannot be seen and cannot be influenced, may lead to the injury of the cargo or his disappearance.

According to the Vehicle Transportation Agreement (CMR) the liability of the carrier is limited, its upper limit is 8,33 SDR/gross weight (8,33 SDR = approx. 10,- EUR,) and it does not cover the value of the harms in case of costly goods so  we suggest the binding of a cargo insurance (kombi-insurance policy - liability insurance)

In case of KOMBI-insurance policy:

Compensation limit:   50.000.000 Ft/damage
Annual limit: 200.000.000 Ft/year
Retention: 50.000 HUF


For  guidance we inform you hereinafter of the currently  valid premiums

Cargo insurance:

1. Within Europa 1,2 o/oo
2. On the rest of the word 1,8 o/oo
3. On the former Soviet succession states 3,5 o/oo
4. Goods and chattels on the  whole word 4,0 o/oo
5. Cooled merchandises in Europe 2,5 o/oo
6. Cooled merchandises on the rest of the word 3,0 o/oo
7. Cooled merchandises on the former Soviet succession states   5,0 o/oo 


The above rates include already the prize of insurance of war and strike risks

The minimal insurance premium is EUR 25 /announced cargo.

The electronics articles fall under a separate rate.


1. Within the European Union 2,5 o/oo
2. Within the CEECs (without the  Soviet succession states   3,5 o/oo
3. Far-Orient, USA, Canada 4,5 o/oo
4. On the former Soviet succession states to agreement
5. On the rest of the word to agreement